Mark R. Wilson | Life Lessons Learned from Hurricane Irma

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Mark R. Wilson

Mark grew up in the South West of England and attended school in Exeter during the seventies and eighties. He worked at the University of Exeter for thirteen years as an inventory and procurement manager. In 1997, after a life changing encounter with Basking Sharks, Mark's fascination and  connection with the ocean grew exponentially so that in 2005, at the age of 36 he returned to the classroom. Mark earned an honours degree in marine ecology and a masters degree in marine biodiversity from the University of Plymouth.  After graduating he was involved in several marine studies and took up work as a dive instructor across the globe.  In early September of 2017 on the Caribbean island of St Martin he found himself directly in the path of hurricane Irma, having only been on the island for a few days.  Inspired by the events of that day, in late January of 2018, he set out to do something he had never before considered. He began to write.  


Irma is a memoir and his first book.  Buy it here.


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